If a student in higher education qualifies for Disabled Students’ Allowance. You will need to have a DSA Needs Assessment to decide on the support you will need for your course.

Oxford Access Centre will support you with your application and carry out your Needs Assessment with a corresponding report that outlines the interview, equipment and support recommended for your course. This could include:

The fee charged by this centre for a DSA Needs Assessment:

 Total fee: £600

These fees are paid by your funding body. You will not be charged personally for this assessment.

All information is highly confidential and will not be released without your consent.

You may be eligible if you are affected by the following:

Your disability or medical condition may not be listed above. If you’re unsure, or have any questions about the process then please feel free to call, email or text us in confidence.

Mobile: 07872944040
Tel: 01865 759600

What Oxford Access Centre need from you to carry out your assessment

In order for us to carry out a prompt and efficient DSA needs assessment. We will need:

Assessments can also be carried out at alternative locations to meet the needs of the student. Assessments appointments are also available, where appropriate, on Saturdays and evenings. Call us for more details or complete the live link box and we will contact you.




Please complete the following details and we will get back to you:
(Please check your spam/junk folder for emails)


Appointments are normally available within 3 working days. All appointments will be held within 15 working days in compliance with the DSA QAG QAF.




What Is A Needs Assessment

An informal meeting between you and an experienced DSA needs assessor who will discuss, explore, demonstrate and suggest alternative or additional strategies that will enable you to achieve your academic goals. These strategies may include specialist equipment and/or human support.

An assessment usually takes approximately an hour and a half, but this will depend on your own unique needs.

Following your meeting, a report will be written and submitted to your funding body who will then make a final decision on the support and equipment that has been recommended.

From the time you leave your assessment, you will usually have to wait between 4-6 weeks to receive your equipment, if your funding body has approved the recommendations made in your needs assessment report.

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